Why Social Selling is Important for B2B Sellers

A generation of staffers is taking over the business world, and while they may not have all the experience or track record of their established peers, they have something that’s incredibly important: they’re digital natives.

These new college grads and employees have a different approach to the workplace than their predecessors, and that’s because of the rise of social media networks.

As each social media platform was first introduced, it was going to help companies gain business. But there were a lot of misconceptions.

It didn’t take long for some companies to see that while social media can gain valuable customer information, it’s not the only way to get customers to visit their website.

Today’s digital natives understand this. In some ways, it makes sense. Because these young people are so tech-savvy, they’re more likely to visit a company’s website and read up on the company’s latest news. Rather than just go to social media to get the news, it’s often easier to go to the source and access their desired piece of content.

Why Sellers Should Use Social Media

Many changes happening in the business world right now are making things more challenging for salespeople. 

Sellers must be able to adapt to the changing realities of their industry. The best way to do that is to gain experience in the digital world. The best sellers have their own social strategy and can use digital channels to their advantage. Using social media is one of the best ways to gain the experience you need to survive in the digital era.

Social media can also help you build your brand, increase your visibility and ultimately increase the sales of your products. It’s a win-win situation.

Social media marketing—the most powerful way to reach and convert prospects and customers—is expensive. Because of that, many companies aren’t taking full advantage of the valuable tools social media offers. But you can create a social media marketing strategy that is both effective and affordable.

Social media has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes, from the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, and new technologies provide efficient ways to use these platforms to grow your market reach.

Social networks are not the same for everyone. Some are for building an authentic personal brand, while others are for building business relationships. Social media helps you discover new opportunities and save time; you can find new leads and more efficient ways to do business. 

10 Reasons to Start Social Selling Today

1. It gives you instant feedback – If you’re running any kind of online campaign, chances are you’ve already heard about some negative comments made against you. These could range from complaints about slow loading pages to questions regarding shipping costs. However, if you could monitor all of those comments in one place, you’d know exactly when something went wrong and would also get immediate feedback on whether you need to make changes.

 2. Better Customer Service – One of the biggest benefits of social selling is that it provides businesses with direct contact with their clientele. Instead of waiting weeks before receiving responses to emails, you’ll receive answers much faster thanks to social media.

3. More Sales – According to recent studies, up to 70% of sales come from word-of-mouth recommendations which can translate to social proof. That means that every time someone recommends your company to another person, you increase your chance of making a sale.

4. Increased Brand Awareness – When was the last time you saw a billboard advertising your brand? Today, most people see advertisements everywhere they turn. Thanks to social media, however, you don’t even have to pay for ads anymore because everyone will automatically share them with their friends.

5. Improved SEO – Search engine optimization plays a huge role in determining how well your website ranks among search engines. Increase your ranking, the easier it is for visitors to find you. This can be especially helpful if you sell physical goods where there isn’t always room for a big banner ad.

6. Lower Costs – As mentioned above, social media doesn’t require expensive advertising fees. All you really need is a web host and maybe a few dollars per month for hosting services.

7. Easier Targeted Advertising – With social media, you no longer have to rely solely on keywords to attract customers. By monitoring conversations happening across multiple platforms, you can easily target specific audiences based on interests, demographics, etc.

8. Higher Conversion Rates – A study conducted by Hubspot found users spend almost twice as long reading content shared through Facebook compared to other forms of communication, such as text messages and phone calls. Because of this, many experts believe that sharing information via social networks increases conversion rates by over 50%.

9. Faster Response Times – Since social media posts go viral quickly, companies often respond within hours instead of days, as traditional marketing methods allow.

10. Social Media Marketing Is Easy To Do – There are so many ways to market yourself using social media that anyone can do it. You just need to learn which platform works best for your business and then create an account. Once you’re set-up, you can begin posting updates, answering customer inquiries, and engaging with potential clients.

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