What makes a great Video Bio?

What should I exclude in my video bio?

When creating a video bio, it’s important to remember to exclude certain information. 

Start by not discussing your personal life. This isn’t the place for that. Your viewers want to learn about your professional brand and expertise, not your hobbies or dating life. 

Also, avoid talking about negative experiences or criticizing others. Keep your tone upbeat. You want potential clients or employers to feel good about working with you, not like they need to worry about any potential drama. 

Finally, avoid discussing salary and other financial information. This can be off-putting to some viewers and may lead to awkward conversations. Instead, stick to sharing your skills and what you offer potential clients or employers.

What should I include in my video bio?

When creating a video bio, think about what you want to include. Your bio should represent your brand and expertise and help potential clients or employers learn more about you.

Your bio should be around 60-90 seconds long and include information about your work history, education, and awards or accolades. It’s also important to discuss what makes you unique and what drives you professionally. Finally, mention any of your video or digital marketing experiences.

Close the video with website and portfolio links and include a clear call to action. Encourage viewers to contact you for more information or visit your website to learn more about your work.

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