How to Write a Non-Fiction eBook

In today’s digital world, people are more interested in doing business with people they know, rather than dealing with faceless, impersonal corporations. Therefore B2B companies are turning to social media to gain ideas, gain traffic, and gain leads. They are building their personal brands through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels If you love to write, creating and selling your non-fiction eBook to your prospects should be a piece of cake. But if you aren’t as comfortable putting your book together, you might find these tips useful.

So, I’m going to talk about how to write an e-book. And this is something that’s very popular right now because people are looking for ways to make money online and they’re also looking for ways to build their own business or start up a new one. But the problem with most of these books out there on writing your first novel or starting a blog or whatever it might be is that they don’t really teach you anything about creating a successful product.

First, this is not a straightforward task. It takes time and effort to make your work stand out from the crowd of other books on the same subject. You need to have something unique about it which will help people find it easier than searching for similar titles in their local library or bookstore. 

Creating your Non-Fiction eBook

1. Create Your Book Title

The title of your book needs to be catchy enough so that readers want to read it. In order to do this, try thinking about what kind of person would enjoy reading your book? What does he/she look like? How old is he/she? Where did he/she go to school? Is he/she married? Does he/she have kids? Do his/her parents still live at home? If yes, where? Think about everything possible when coming up with titles.

You will find a book template that acts as a framework, and while many will profess to be the definitive guide, it still falls on you to do the work.

2. Write A Good Description For Your Book

This description is basically a short blurb that describes your book. Make sure that it contains keywords that describe your book well. Also, keep in mind that if someone searches for those words, chances are high that they’ll end up buying your book. So, think carefully about what exactly you’d like to say about yourself and your book.

3. Choose An Appropriate Publishing Format

There are two main types of book format you could choose from – epub and pdf. Epubs are easy to edit but require Adobe Digital Editions software whereas pdf files are easier to edit without having to install additional programs. However, both formats are free.

4. Edit Your Text

After you have invested in the writing time, now comes the fun part. Editing your text is core to your writing process and probably the hardest thing that you’ll ever have to do. Just remember that editing means changing to improve the quality of your work.

5. Create a good cover image

The book cover design will help attract more potential buyers. It should be descriptive, yet interesting.

5. Upload Your Work Onto Amazon

 Once you’ve completed these steps, must upload your work onto Amazon. Click the “Upload” button on top left corner of your screen. Then, follow the instructions given by Amazon.

6. Get Feedback From Readers About Your Content

After uploading your work, you may notice that Amazon gives you suggestions as to whether or not your book is suitable for publishing. Don’t worry, just accept the suggestion and move forward. You can always change them later.

When all of your edits are done, submit your final version of your eBook to Amazon.

In conclusion, once you complete each step mentioned above, you’ll definitely see some results within no time!

Attracting Readers

But you still need to promote your eBook!

7. Promote Yourself Online

You need to promote yourself online. This includes posting links to your website, social media accounts, blogs, forums, etc. The best way to get started is to use Google Adwords.

8. Sell Your Books Through Other Websites If you already know other websites which sell products similar to yours, then why not list your book there instead of selling through Amazon only? There are many sites such as eBay.

9. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to market your book. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc. are some examples of social networking platforms. These networks allow users to share content among themselves. In return, marketers pay small amounts of money to advertise their products using paid ads.

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