How long should a video sales letter be?

Reasonable question?

So what is a reasonable answer?  Depends.

The answer is governed by the:

1. Message

2. Audience

3. The familiarity of the audience with the message

4. Call to action (CTA)


Three pathways need consideration.  Are you communicating on brand, value or perception?

Any of these can complete inside 60 seconds. 

You don’t want the audience to decide, and you just want them to think about you in a certain way, eg you deliver a point of view about the customer’s industry.  This creates a halo effect on you and provides a platform for your following steps.

The structure of the message is to develop a script that meets the outcome.  Lay that script against the visuals for the video and then determine the underlying music that will generate a mood for your message.


The audience needs to be considered relative to your existing relationship and how important they are to your pursuits.

Equally, you will need to meet their communication styles and preferences, eg visual and technical or data and management.

These insights will make it easier for you to work out the right message structure.   The right blend of visuals and numbers might be the best mix for a specific audience.  The pressure to get it right can be diluted if a multi-touch campaign is a plan.  In this case, experimentation can be a philosophy.


A deep understanding of existing knowledge and bias will govern the tone of the video message.

Thought leadership would lend itself to a multi-touch campaign that builds layers of knowledge and credibility.

Technical leadership will create a finer grain targeting of the message and no room for error.  A savvy recipient will have little tolerance for loose knowledge and will be less inclined to take the extra step of opening a video in the future if the first experience isn’t fulfilling.

Call to Action

Fitting a strong call to action in a 60-second video can be a challenge.  If that is the case, you can use the email that included the video link as a connector to a “next step”.

Alternately, a powerful message at the back-end of the video can alert the viewer that a follow-up video is coming in the next week to expand and make an offer.

Creating a sense of continuity will build a sense of anticipation and open the door to ongoing dialogue as you work to create a connection with your buying audience.

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