How to generate trust with social selling

Social selling is about being human and showing your emotions, engaging with your customers, being creative and creating value for them, and being transparent.

You can use social selling to create a stronger bond with your customers and help build trust in them.

The Best Platforms for B2B Social Selling

Most people in sales have a hard time understanding social media. They see it as a necessary evil or a gigantic time sink.

The key to social selling is understanding that social media extends your existing sales process. The goal is not to waste time on social media, but to use it as a tool to help you close more business.

Power Your B2B Growth with Social Selling

It’s important to understand that social selling is not about using social networks to “sell” in the traditional sense — it’s not about posting links to your product or website or bombarding your connections with marketing messages.

Instead, social selling is about building relationships — providing value, being helpful and connecting with people who may need your products or services.