Tony Hackett

Social selling has been around for a while, but its adoption by the sellers in B2B technology companies has been relatively slow.

Sales teams at these companies typically focus on building personal relationships with potential customers, which isn’t especially conducive to social selling. However, there are many benefits to doing so, and it’s time to talk about them from a B2B seller’s perspective.

I’m a sales professional with a passion for simplifying business communication. I host the Startups’ Round-table podcast and have a love for helping entrepreneurs and innovators succeed.

Based in Sydney, Australia, before my sales career, I was a schoolteacher and plumber.

I designed this site to illustrate the creative expression possibilities for B2B sellers through social selling – not as an exception but as a habit.

There are two components to this site:

  1. Blog
    • I will discuss processes and behaviors essential for a B2B seller in the post-COVID era and focus on social selling related to strategic selling.
  2. Podcast
    • “Startups’ Roundtable” is a podcast where I speak with founders, innovators and creators to learn from their experiences.