6 Techniques to Use When Creating Video Sales Letters

Video marketing has become a powerful medium of self-expression and advertising. Whether it’s a YouTube channel promoting your latest app, a company blog with in-depth product reviews, or an Instagram video showcasing your newest customer acquisition process, video is more than just an afterthought for businesses these days. With the help of videos, you can build trust with potential customers by showing them how you operate day to day.

Videos can also highlight your company culture — and that’s not something everyone can do with written content alone. Video sales letters are another great way to incorporate video into your marketing strategy without looking like you’re spraying your message into the market.

Let’s look at why video sales letters work so well.

What is a Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter builds rapport with consumers and convinces them to buy your products or services. The success of these businesses is determined mainly by the quality of the video script. Creating a video sales letter can be challenging for most brands because it requires a unique balance between product demos, sales copy, and demos of the company’s culture.

However, ecommerce businesses that sell products with proper sales scripts, such as graphics printing services, laser engraving services, and software companies, can often create video sales letters with simple videos designed to guide the buyer through the buying process.

Why You Should Use a Video Sales Letter

1/ Trust Building

  • Video marketing is an excellent way to build trust with your customers. You can show your customers how you do your job and explain how your business helps customers with video. You can also demonstrate how your products or services work – and how that’s different from your competitors’ offerings.

2/ Monetization

  • Product demos and sales copy don’t make you any money. Product demos are essential for building trust between you and your customers, but your most important job is to sell a product at a price that makes sense for the buyer.

3/ Brand Building

  • Building your brand through video is an excellent option for mature companies that want to expand their reach and have the budget for it. Video is a perfect way to connect with your audience personally, including your employees and customers. Video also brings your products or services to life – which can be especially helpful for businesses with in-house production.

4/ Engagement

  • Video also has an influential engagement factor. You can use video to engage with your customers and keep them interested in your brand.

5/ Audience Growth

  • Video can also help you reach new audiences and grow your business. You can use videos to create product reviews and other educational videos to help your customers make better buying decisions.

6/ Strong Return on Investment

  • Last but not least, video sales letters are a great way to get a strong ROI with video. If your competitors use video to get new customers and build brand equity, you can use video to get new leads and close more sales.

How to Write a Video Sales Letter

Videos are an incredible way to build rapport with your audience, but they can be challenging to write.

Here are some tips to help you create a successful video sales letter:

1/ Write a Script

  • Don’t just shoot and edit. Many businesses make this mistake. It would help if you had a script to tell your story effectively. You can use screenshots or an outline to help you structure your writing.

2/ Find Your Formula

  • Once your script is written, look through your videos and find your formula. This formula is how you break down how you do your job into smaller pieces. For example, you might break down how you create a specific product into shots of you making that product.

3/ Prepare Your Team

  • It’s vital to ensure that everyone on your team is comfortable filming a video for your video sales letter. You should test each person’s video comfort level before using them for your sales video.

4/ Research your Audience

  • When you’re ready to write the script for your video sales letter, research your audience and the problems they’re facing. This will help you write so that it applies to your audience and addresses their issues.

5/ Experiment with Your Video

  • You can’t expect to hit all of your marks every single time. You need to experiment with your videos and do what gives you the best results each time.

6/ Make it Easy to Watch

  • You can do this with a format, graphics, and sound that helps your audience get through the content and get to the call to action.

Videos in Sales Letters

Now that you know what makes a video sales letter successful, let’s get into examples of video sales letters that effectively build brand equity and get people to buy. Before we do that, though, it’s important to note that the examples below are from businesses with a consistent brand, offering, and value proposition. If you have all of those things in place and are now deciding to use video, you can still incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Consider not starting with the complex stuff right away. A video sales letter that features simple product demos, funny or inspirational employee interviews, and a few tips for growing your business can still be impactful without a complex video script.

Which of Your Products Should You Show?

It’s difficult to say there is a correct answer to this question, but how you reveal your products in your videos should be consistent with your brand. For example, if you sell high-quality custom graphics and designs, your videos should show how your designs look on different products or other settings. Your videos should illustrate how your products work in action if you sell software.

Tips for Writing a Video Sales Letter

1/ Find Your Formula

  • As above, your formula for writing a video sales letter should be consistent with your brand. The what, when and how should all reflect your brand.

2/ Give Your Audience Time to Process

  • We talked about overselling in your product demos, but that’s just one part of the equation. Your consumers also need time to process what you’re saying and how it affects them.

3/ Test Your Videos

  • It’s easy to forget that your videos are for your customers to watch, but they also need to be read by you and your team.

4/ Keep Them Short

  • We talked about keeping videos short and sweet, but we also need them to be sharp. Most videos should be no longer than two minutes.

5/ Make it Easy to Watch

  • It should feel like a breeze to watch your videos. You should also make sure your videos play smoothly and don’t have any glitches.

6/ Use Your Script

  • Your dialogue is the foundation of your video sales letter, and you should never leave it on the ground while you run around showing off your products or interviewing your employees. It will help if you read your script while filming and remember your formula.

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