B2B Digital Twin

The Story Behind
"B2B Digital Twin"

Today, social media participation is no longer a measure of popularity: it’s an engine for building a brand’s reputation. Many experts will tell you that building a successful online brand is the single best way to attract more customers and build lasting brand loyalty.

And once you build the trust of your buyers, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again.

Social selling is a concept that is gaining popularity within B2B technology companies. To improve B2B marketing and drive more sales, some companies encourage their employees to engage with customers on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Despite its importance, B2B social selling is a relatively new concept in the sales world. LinkedIn is the largest professional network for companies, so it makes sense that more B2B companies are venturing into the social selling arena.

“B2B Digital Twin” offers tips, techniques and commentary to help sellers think about fresh ways to access buyers, make new connections and explain their unique business relevance through the power of social selling.

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